What we are about!

It's a distance memory from when we first opened 12 years ago to now, and guess what we are still here!!! WOW!
The passion for exclusive, luxury, well tailored items has always been a priority of ours hence today this is what we pride on and are known for. 
We provide the very latest in contemporary Asian fashion and accessories for women. Our showroom presents the finest garments from dazzling sarees, elegant suits, sparkling jewellery and quirky accessories.    
We have a variety of styles with an abundance of colours for you to select from. Showcasing traditional concepts fused with contemporary vision, we believe in providing the very finest fashion trends for our customers. You have the occasion and we have the outfit.  
Visit our showroom to indulge in a fashion experience like never before. Reeth is an experience to be shared... visit us now to see what we have for you!                    
Create the look, be comfortable...